CD Packaging Options for Choirs

Why is CD Packaging so important and what can you do to ensure your Choir CD stands out from the crowd? You may well think that nowadays fewer and fewer CDs are produced.  Everything is going digital.  However, for choirs making recordings, the CD is still the best option.  This article will discuss the various […]

Choral Singing

Thinking about a Recording – What’s in it for your choir?

Behind every Recording, there is a reason.   Why should you Record your Choir in 2020? Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring some of the reasons why choirs would decide to record a CD or digital album.   The first of these posts will look at some of the decisions which influence […]

Smart Phone

Why bother recording with us when you can use your Smartphone?

Although it is relatively easy to download an app and set your mobile phone to record, making this  into a CD requires a bit of thought. You can probably find the software to produce the sound file, and if you have a read/write drive attached, then you could output this onto CD or just email […]

CD Artwork

Checking the Album Artwork

The final part of the process when producing an album for sale is the CD artwork.  We offer a wide range of packaging solutions from very basic plastic wallets through to Digi-paks & Jewel Cases as well bespoke packaging which can literally be anything you could imagine. Creating your CD artwork Getting the look of […]

recording session

How much music can you fit on a CD?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Recordings 4 Choirs is how much music can you fit on a CD? The Media A standard 120 mm, 700 MB CD-ROM can actually hold about 737 MB (703 MiB) of data with error correction (or 847 MB total).  Removing the jargon, this equates to […]