CD Packaging Options for Choirs

CD Packaging Options for Choirs

Why is CD Packaging so important and what can you do to ensure your Choir CD stands out from the crowd?

You may well think that nowadays fewer and fewer CDs are produced.  Everything is going digital.  However, for choirs making recordings, the CD is still the best option.  This article will discuss the various types of CD Packaging which are available when you record a Choir CD with us.

Ultimately a CD is, and has only ever been, a delivery method.   For a long time now, people have been taking CDs and importing them into the iTunes library or similar options on their computers.   Whether or not you choose to play your CD in a CD player, or to import it and use the digital files is simply a matter of choice.  What’s more all our CDs now come with a digital download option included just so that we can appeal to all music lovers regardless of how they choose to play their music.

CD Packaging options

As standard all our CDs are supplied in a jewel case with a 4 page booklet, a tray inlay and artwork for the CD surface as required.  The main reason behind this is that it is the most cost effect solution.  As well as that, it gives choirs plenty of scope to include information about the choir and photographs from recent events, or perhaps your recording session.

As well as the industry standard jewel case, we can also provide Digipak’s DigiFile’s and a Lancing Pack.  To some extent these are all slight variations of each other based around a cardboard wallet in slightly different styles.  You can find more information and templates for these on our Downloads and Guides page.

CD Artwork

All our recording ‘packages’ include artwork design as standard.  However, do keep in mind we are a recording company not a graphic design company.  For free we can certainly help you produce your CD based on images and text supplied.  We like to think we are fairly good at creating nice looking CDs but we do not claim to be professional graphic designers.

For customers wanting a more bespoke look we do have access to a team of graphic designers via our production house.

We also appreciate that a lot of choirs will have a preferred graphic designer who works with them to produce their artwork materials, posters etc.  Also you may well have someone in your choir who tends to produce your publicity material. In which case we can provide you with the templates for your preferred type of packaging.

If you would like to find out more about CD packaging options for your Choir CD then please get in touch on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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