Raising Money for your Choir

Raising Money for your Choir

Supporting Charities by giving concerts with your Choir

Most of our choir concerts are in support of a charity. Sometimes a choir will support a particular charity for a year or longer. Other times, we arrange events specifically to donate to a particular clause for reasons close to home. Whatever the reason, people are always pleased to give generously to worthy causes.  More often than not, a talk is given by the charity to inform us of the work they are doing with the money raised for them. Our audience members are always pleased when we support local charities as they feel their money is being put to valuable use in their community.

Choir Concerts and Events

Most choirs are asked to do many concerts every year, but with life’s many commitments a choir needs to limit the number of concerts, especially the larger ones so that focus is not lost.  You need to ensure that most of the choir available and the local audience is not tired of the repertoire! So in the planning stages of the the choir year, much consideration is given to all these thoughts.

However much you raise, there are always costs associated with venue hire, purchase, printing, ticket sales, and of course the music team! So, as ever, we want to maximise profits to enable the choir to stay solvent as well a supporting all the causes we choose.

How to raise money

Selling tickets and refreshments during the interval are the obvious and easiest choices. Raffles are hugely popular and can raise hundreds for very little effort. 

People come to your concert primarily to listen to you, so we can safely assume they enjoy what they hear. Another way you can raise money is through selling your own CD. This can cost much less than you may think as Recordings 4 Choirs are a location recording service that enables you to record your choir in your rehearsal venue or where you usually perform.

The more CDs you order, the lower the cost per CD, so if you sell them at £10 each then all the profit can either go towards choir funds or to charity. This is a great way to showcase your choir, record all your efforts and bring your choir together for a fun and memorable recoding session. Our favourite sessions are those where we are invited to join the choir for a picnic halfway through the day!

If you would like to bring this idea to your choir or would like more information please get in touch.

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