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Choir Anniversary Celebrations

If you run or sing in a choir then most likely you will know that choirs like to find any excuse to have fun and do something a bit different Singing in a choir is fast becoming one of the most popular ‘hobbies’ which people engage with, I believe second only to sport.   Some […]

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The Recording Session

Recordings 4 Choirs work with all sorts of choirs all over the UK.  Generally our clients are Community Choirs, Chamber Choirs and School Choirs.   We also work in Universities and with professional groups. The majority of our clients, however, are new to the world of recording and often we are entrusted to record a […]

Record a CD

Recording Company or Record Label?

Here at Recordings 4 Choirs, we generally refer to ourselves as a Recording Company. However, sometimes people we meet consider that we are a record label.  Does it matter? And if so, what’s the actual difference?

When is a good time to Record your Choir?

An increasing number of choirs operate ‘terms’ rather like schools.   Each term will generally consist of around 10 weeks of rehearsals culminating with a concert at the end.  In many ways this is a perfectly sensible way of doing things, which perhaps explains why so many choirs adopt this format to make best use […]

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Record a CD with your Community Choir

Recording a CD with your community choir can be quite a daunting prospect.  To help you make an informed decision we have put together a brief guide as to how the process works along with some of the things you should consider when choosing a mobile recording company to record your Choir.