singing together

Singing as a Social Activity

Singing is a very social activity. Through the ages, in every culture, there are songs and chants to help workers get through tasks, bringing them together.¬† Many of these are call and response, such as sea shanties keeping rope hauling in time and an effective way keep everyone amused while working.¬† There are Scottish Highland […]

virtual choir

Choirs in Lockdown

How Choirs are coping with Lockdown in the UK due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency As we head slowly towards the end of the first 3 weeks of lockdown here in the UK, it’s been quite interesting to observe how different choirs around the country are coping with this new way of life. The most […]

UK Lockdown

Keeping Choirs Singing

Keeping Choirs running throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown in the UK So here we are in the first week of lockdown in the UK due to the outbreak of COVID-19. ¬†Obviously this has had major effects on our business and, whilst we are open for business, we are unable to do any of the recordings that […]