Love2Sing Voices

Recording Love 2 Sing Voices Community Choir

Back in the days of being allowed out, we were Recording on location in Kent with Love 2 Sing Voices!   It was Lockdown minus 3 days in the UK, and we were in Kent to record with our friends at Love 2 Sing Voiceswith their inspirational Musical Director Holly Clarke.  The purpose of the […]

virtual choir

Choirs in Lockdown

How Choirs are coping with Lockdown in the UK due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency As we head slowly towards the end of the first 3 weeks of lockdown here in the UK, it’s been quite interesting to observe how different choirs around the country are coping with this new way of life. The most […]

fundraising choirs

Raising Money for your Choir

Supporting Charities by giving concerts with your Choir Most of our choir concerts are in support of a charity. Sometimes a choir will support a particular charity for a year or longer. Other times, we arrange events specifically to donate to a particular clause for reasons close to home. Whatever the reason, people are always […]

Choral Singing

Thinking about a Recording – What’s in it for your choir?

Behind every Recording, there is a reason.   Why should you Record your Choir in 2020? Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring some of the reasons why choirs would decide to record a CD or digital album.   The first of these posts will look at some of the decisions which influence […]


Make 2020 a Successful Year for your Choir

Fundraising opportunities for your Choir – Make a recording in 2020 You and your choir worked hard in the run up to Christmas with many concerts, carolling for charity and perhaps even a few candlelight evenings. Then the feasting started and like most choirs, we have a few weeks off to enjoy the festivities with […]

Lutley community voices

Recording Lutley Community Voices Choir

Recordings 4 Choirs were on location in Halesowen this weekend to record Lutley Community Voices lead by Margaret Jones A short drive up the M5 on a Saturday morning was all it took to get us to Halesowen in the West Midlands.  The venue for today’s recording with Lutley Community Voices was Hasbury Christian Fellowship […]

Choir singing

Why every choir is good enough to record

Is there ever a ‘right’ time to record your choir? The chances are the best time to record your choir is now. There are a number of obstacles which choir leaders and committees tend to have when it comes to thinking about recording their choir. Budget For many there is still the perception that recording […]

mobile studio

How to Manage the Recording Session

Your choir has decided to record an album. But as their Musical Director, you may not have done anything like this before. So what do you need to know? This post is designed to help Choir MDs and Choir Leaders approach the recording session.   Mostly it is designed to offer reassurance and give you […]

Recording on air

Recording or Live Performance – Choirs on Air

All the choirs I have worked with, without exception, love the chance to perform.  Whether it’s a formal concert, a charity event, or raising money outside a local supermarket, choirs are everywhere.   And this is a good thing.  Choirs have always been popular but never more so than now.  From what I can tell […]

Worcester Cathedral

Composer Anniversaries

George Frideric Handel was born 334 years ago on 23 February 1685 in Halle upon Saale which, at the time, was part of Brandenburg Prussia.   On the same day 249 years later in Worcester, the composer Edward Elgar departed this mortal life.   Both gentlemen were regarded as amongst the finest composers and musicians […]